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At last I've received The Anchor's bar
And it was well worth the long wait.
With papered walls, and lighting fixed,
The bar room's looking really great.

I've cluttered up the bar, with pumps,
With ash trays, bar towels, jugs and more:
An ice bucket, a whiskey barrel;
And a brass spittoon behind the door.

The shelves are filled with rows of bottles
And glasses, and also on the top
A board for cutting up the lemons
That Noni sent me in a swap.

A log fire stands against one wall
To keep the customers warm and bright,
With more logs in a handy basket
To keep the fire banked up all night.

There's Arthur sitting in the corner,
Reading his paper, and his wife
Is looking at it over his shoulder.
I think that might stir up some strife!

Grandpa's sitting at their table,
With his pipe, and a cat on his lap.
He looks as if he's very pensive
But I think he's taking a little nap.

At the front is Captain Christmas
With Mrs. Christmas by his side.
He's going through his loading papers.
His ship just must not miss the tide.

Arnold and Mr. Turner are playing
Cards, I not sure of the game.
But they seem very concentrated.
To disturb them would be such a shame.

Nellie the barmaid's looking worried,
The soldier won't let her get by.
But Norman, her husband and bar keeper,
Is watching him with beady eye

Whilst serving a pint to our friend James,
Who's been pinned down by Henry, the bore,
Telling him all of his life story.
I'm sure James has heard it all before.

And in the centre there stands George,
His glass of port clutched in his hand,
Chatting up two lovely ladies
He has the best job in the land.

Outside, a policeman stands on watch
To see that no-one drinks too much,
While a naughty dog christens a post
To add that little finishing touch.

I hope that you've enjoyed your visit
To The Anchor, now the bar's complete.
At least, until I buy more goodies.
This bar owning certainly is a treat!


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